Hot Spring Bathing Information Onogawa Onsen Kameya Mannenkaku

Hot Spring Bathing Information Onogawa Onsen Kameya Mannenkaku

A historic hot spring derived from Ono Komachi in 836 (Jowa 3rd year)

According to the road sign, if you leave from the city center of Yonezawa towards Kitakata, in less than 10 minutes

We arrived at Onogawa Onsen!Access is too good (;°))

There seems to be a theory that the hot spring was opened in supplementary 834 years.

This is also recommended.

Arrived at Kameya Mannenkaku

I have visited Onogawa Onsen many times, but I have not seen the place where the bathing fee is set to 600 yen or more gently for day trip and drop-in visitors.

The price of the public bathhouse is also set at 200 yen and 250 yen.

Kameya Mannenkaku's drop-in bath fee 500 yen

Business hours 8:00-21:00, but if you look at the homepage

"We do not accept day trip baths after the guests check in.」

It is written, because there is a signboard with a circle mark when it is possible to check in advance by the telephone or bathing in front of the inn, it has become possible to judge the current bathing availability.

【Hot Springs】This is a natural hot spring with 100% free flowing hot springs.
Sulfur-calcium-sodium chloride spring.
The hot spring of the beautiful skin that Ono Komachi is said to have discovered.It warms up from the core of the body and leads to health from the inside.
The bathtub is not large, but because of the abundant amount of hot water, the bathtub is always fresh hot water.You can enter all night long.

*We do not circulate, filter, or heat water at all.

Onogawa Onsen Kameya Mannenkaku 992-0076 Onogawa-cho, Yonezawa City, Yamagata 2481


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Impressions of bathing

I passed through the entrance to feel the good old days, carried out alcohol sterilization firmly, went to the back of the corridor that seemed to slip back in time 100 years ago, finally went to the bathhouse, by the way Kameya Mannenkaku-san has a signboard cat, but unfortunately we did not meet on this day (cat school)

Impression: It happened that there was no one else, and it was chartered until the end.There is an indoor bath and an open-air bath, and the hot water temperature is a skin sensation because there is no thermometer, but the indoor bath is the place where it does not go 40 degrees Celsius, and the open-air bath was a little hot.(It seems that the hot water temperature is not constant every day.)

When I saw the flowers stuck in the hot water port, the tension went up, it was very soft hot water, and I wanted to stay forever, and even though it contained sulfur, I didn't really care about the smell.

There is also a note in the dressing room, but it is careful because it will be discolored if you take a bath while wearing accessories.

There are two footbaths in prominent places.

It was a person who forgot the towel, and it is careful of the forgotten thing.

Onogawa Onsen Ashiyu Kataba ashi no Gawa Onsen Ashiyu Katahanoashi

There is both a drinking spring and a foot bath in one place.

Be careful because it is a little hot.

I tell you that it is difficult to say even if the ryokan side wants to profess 

Although it is being relaxed as of July 2020, there are a certain number of inns that are written as "I refuse to take a day trip bath for people outside the prefecture", but do you really think so for inns?It is not true by any means, but it would be reasonable to think that it is tatemae.

Since the inn is also a human being, "I came from outside the prefecture, is it all right?"I think that it is not useless to listen to a word of].

I think that the story is more understood at least than the public institution of some place which is not flexible at all.

I also recommend this inn!

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Access to Yamagata Prefecture and check rates

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