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It is close to the center of Soma City and has excellent access!

【Spring quality】

Chloride Spring (Sodium Chloride Hot Spring)

general (adult) 780 yen member (adult) 730 yen general (children) 380 yen member (children) 330 yen [Saturday and S
unday holiday] g
eneral (adult) 830 yen member (adult) 780 yen general (small) 430 yen members (children) 380 yen * children's fee is
written as a consumption tax included u
p to 12 years old 3 years old.

[Comprising] shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cotton sw
ab [rental] rental towel (large and smal
l set) [sale item] hand towel, comb, toothbrush, razor

  • Koizumi Takaike 270, Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture
  • TEL.0244-32-0261
  • Fax.0244-32-0262
  • Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Closed on the 3rd Tuesday (or the next day if monday is a national holiday)

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Impressions of bathing

The following image is a reference to the image of tenpo-no-yu's homepage, but as of July 2020, a log was added to the bathtub.

On the day of the visit, there was a thing that it was an evening of the national holiday, and the number of visitors was a lot, but each person seems to have gotten into the habit of corresponding to the corona, and it is conscious of keeping the capacity of the sauna, and spacing when entering the washing place (I thought that it was painful for a long time, but I want people who come to Ikinari next to Ikinari to be extinct)

When entering the bathtub, so as not to become overcrowded, to enter while thinking about the position, to the surroundings, there is an impression that the number of people who take a bath while paying attention has increased.

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The hot water temperature of the indoor bath is 41 degrees Celsius in the skin feeling, and the open-air bath is a little hotter than that.The bathtub was a little deep impression (the waves and hot water is likely to hit my face when other people enter)

It is salty when entering the mouth, but it smells good.(There is no smell)

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The set temperature of the sauna on the day was 90 degrees Celsius, the TV and the 12-minute total (720 seconds) were attached, and the capacity was 4 people on the day.(Capacity may vary)

The three Jizos enshrined at the entrance are the benefits of "harmony", "good luck", and "health", and it is truly Jizo-sama who gives the blessings of heaven (Tenpo).

The design of this face towel is very cool and I like it!You can buy it for 200 yen.

There are two ticket machines.You can use all kinds of gold on the right side, but you can't use a 5,000 yen bill and a 10,000 yen bill on the left side. 

As of July 2020

Other information

What kind of toco is Soma City?

The city of the sea to the northeast of Fukushima Prefecture

The city of the sea to the northeast of Fukushima Prefecture

Soma City is located in the coastal area o
f Fukushima Prefecture, the southernmost prefecture of the Tohoku region.
Soma has a population of about 35,000.
The area is 197.7km2.

In Fukushima Prefecture, the coastal area is called Hamadori, but
Soma City is located in the north of Hamadori.

Part 2Livable climate and beautiful nature

Livable climate and beautiful nature

Soma city's climate is characterized by its cool summer and warm weather in winter.
There may be an image that there is a lot of snow
in Fukushima Prefecture, but Soma City faces the Pacific Ocean
, so there is not much snow.There is little difference in temperature per
year, and it is a comfortable place to live.

The coastal area of Soma City is the Matsukawaura Prefectural Natural Park.
Matsukawaura is the only lagoon in Fukushima Prefecture and has been selected as one of the 1
00 most scenic spots in Japan.
It is also called "Komatsujima" because it is dotted with small islands in the bay of Matsukawaura, and its scenic appearance resembles Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan.
Endangered species such as hamasaji and stringato dragonflies designated by the Ministry of the Environment are also scatter
ed, and migratory birds such as cedar, plover, and sagi descended, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.
There is also a point where both the beautiful morning sun and the sunset can be seen in the same place.

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Soma City Tourism Association also introduces information and gourmet maps of limited-time events, so please refer to this as well.

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