Necessities of overseas travel Multifunctional translator "eTalk5"

Six features of "eTalk5"

  1. Speaking and translating → Translating speech at any time
  2. Favorites function → Save frequently used translation results
  3. Take and translate → Just take a picture of a character and translate
  4. Chat Translation → Translation even when you are away
  5. Wi-Fi tethering → Up to 6 units can be connected simultaneously
  6. Connect all over the world → corresponding to the world's high-speed line 4G

"eTalk5" function

Translate audio at any time

Talking and translating

It supports 72 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese, and English also supports different pronunciations and dialects in different countries, such as American English and British English.In addition, since the translation accuracy is high because it is translated by multiple translation engines on the cloud, and the optimal translation engine is used according to the selected language, it can always be used with optimal and up-to-date high translation accuracy.

You can translate the characters in your photos.

Take and translate

Have you ever had trouble reading letters such as signs and menus?The opportunity for translation is not limited to speech.eTalk5 is equipped with a "take and translate" function.You can take a picture of a foreign language menu and other characters and select the place you want to translate.

Chat Translation

The content of the speech reaches the other party by voice, and the translated result is transmitted by the character and the voice.Chat conversations with people from all over the world in different languages are available even when you are away.

※ In order to use the chat translation, "eTalk5" is required for each.

Up to 6 units can be connected simultaneously

Wi-Fi tethering

If you put a SIM card, you can communicate on the Internet up to six smartphones, tablets, game devices, personal computers, etc. both in Japan and overseas.

Support for high-speed lines around the world

4G connected all over the world

It corresponds to many frequencies so that it can be connected by LTE in overseas.If you are worried about choosing a translation machine to use overseas, first check to see if the translation machine you are trying to select for the LTE frequency in the country you are visiting corresponds to.

More easy!More convenient!

Easy-to-read, easy-to-use, 3.5" large screen display

A 3.5-inch display that is very large in the translation machine is adopted so that it is easy for anyone, young and old to use.It is a touch panel, and you can use it as it is the operation that you are usually accustomed to with a smartphone.

Easy-to-use UI

We pursued ease of use so that anyone can operate it easily and intuitively with a large icon in tile format.

Easy one-touch "back" button

A large button is placed at the bottom of the center of the terminal.If you want to return to the previous screen, press the button, you can return to the previous screen at the touch of a button.It is a design of attention to reduce the irritation caused by erroneous operation.

Powerful battery 2000mAh

In addition to being used in translation, you can continue to use wi-fi tethering for the most battery consumption for about 6 hours in a row.* Results of measuring the video by playing for about 6 hours in a row on a smartphone (in-house survey).The above time varies depending on the usage environment and settings.

Noise cancelling microphone

Equipped with a noise cancelling microphone, you can minimize the noise around you and communicate with each other smoothly.

It is equipped with Bluetooth, so you can connect to Bluetooth speakers and earphones.

You can save frequently used translation results.You can communicate more smoothly by registering the translation results tailored to various usage scenes as favorites in advance.

Because it has a neck strap hole, not only can you use it immediately when you want to use it, but it also prevents theft and loss.

By adopting a matte body, fingerprints are hard to stick, and in addition, it is also possible to prevent falling because it is not slippery.