The idea of earning by investing Explanation about home side jobs, foreign exchange, Forex, and binary options


First of all, I'll tell you, 90% of our investments are losing.

Advertising that is full of public in general stocks FX virtual currency investment trust binary options, etc., various traders are confused, if there is no prior knowledge, it would be the majority of those who dare to be interested or do not try to get involved.

Why investing doesn't work out

 (1) Do not know economic indicators

 (2) Funds management is not available

 (3) I do not understand why the price is changing in the first place

 (4) Do not look at the chart in the first place

 (5) I do not understand the view of the chart

 (6) Multi-timeframe analysis is not possible

 (7) The time bar of the chart is always fixed

 (8) Do not understand the devaliation or devaliation

 (9) Resisapoline is not even drawn (OK if you understand that it is a line that is conscious)

 (10) Do not draw the trend line (OK if you understand that it is a line that is conscious)

 (11) It is full of indicators, and the candlestick of the essence is lost.

 (12) Enter in a gambling sense

 (13) I can not do my method by leaving the tool

 (14) I really think that I can change the market price with my request and support.

 (15) Cannot resist prospect theory (cannot withstand unrealized losses)

 (16) Loss can not be cut

 (17) Decision to confirm profit is too early

 (18) Too dependent on others

 (18) I do not know my winning rate

 (19) Trading emotionally

 (20) Do not analyze why you lost

 (21) My rules do not exist

 (22) Indistinguishable between trends and ranges

 (23) Not set to leverage commensurate with funds

 (24) Finally, i'm not studying.

It is better to throw away the idea of earning by investing if even one of the above items is applied.

You'd think it's tough, but this is reality. How many of you have applied?

Only 10% of the people have won!Of course, there may not be a guarantee that you can win even if you don't apply everything.It's such a tough world, and if you jump in with a sweet thought, your life might change in another way.

From the above, I think that the severity of the investment and the high degree of difficulty were fully conveyed.

Although the details about exchange trading are different, the basic idea that Forex, cryptocurrency, and binary options are common as analysis methods is roughly the same, and the big difference is that it does not lose more than the amount multiplied by binary options.

If you want to challenge by all means, I will introduce the advertiser who can estimate your ability for free for reference.

I pray for your wise judgment from the bottom of my heart.