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I came to the sea of the bird in the hot spring.

Onsen Information Bathing and Hot Spring Information

Bathing time10:00-20:00 (last reception: 19:30) *Su
mmer time – 21:00 (last reception at 20:30)
FeeAdults (junior high school students and older) 700 yen / Children 250 yen / In
fants free Watari townspeople (and acco
mpanying persons) 500 yen ※ You need to join the "Onsen Club member".
Replacement of hot spring baths[Odd day] 1st and 3rd… Pacific side bath "Tonoyu" is "male" [e
ven day] 2 days, 4 days … Pacific side bath "Tonoyu" is "women"
The quality of the hot springSodium ichichloride spring Hypotonic weak alkaline
hot spring (indication by warm quality, coldness, skin dryness normal time without water, heating us

e, circulating bathtub) Tel.0223-35-2744
Click here for the Watari Onsen Toriumi Sea website at http://www.torinoumi.com/dayplan/

I've been hit by a tsunami, but it doesn't seem like that at all.

It is the theme song of the toast to the family.

Japanese and Western are fused well.

Impressions of bathing

Indoor bath 2 (normal, hot), open-air 1, sauna 1

The water pressure that spewed out from the circulation of the indoor bath was strong, and the body might be washed sideways, and it was a little annoying.

As for the hot tub, I think that it is better to enter the other bathtub a little after getting used to the hot water.

The open-air bath is a really nice view coupled with the height of the 5th floor.

The temperature of the hot water is also a skin sensation, but just right, you will want to enter for a long time, but bathing for a long time takes a burden on the body, so let's firmly manage hydration and bathing time.

The temperature of the sauna on the day is 93°C, and there is one 5-minute hourglass.

Face towel 200 yen (with name)

There is a bathing area on the 5th floor, so take the elevator up.

Read the QR code at the gate and enter.

Other information

The menu is like this though business hours are finished.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed.You'll be waiting for your return.

Is the hurdle high if the day trip plan is from four people?

This one is also recommended.

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