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LINE stamp production and sales

I want to make only one thing in the world, I think everyone has such an idea, the market is too big, but it is not very, but I do not think that there is room for me to enter there.

There is no exception with LINE stamps, there are huge markets that spread all over the world, and if you do everything from 1 to 10 on your own, most people will retire because they do not go well.

However, when it is possible to attach a person with specialized knowledge specialized in the road to the ally, it is not certain, but the image that advances greatly toward success might come into view?In the world, the thing made appropriately sells unexpectedly, and the upset is often happening when the candidate who was wondering whether to make it into a bot sells unexpectedly.

I think that it is one way to devise a future strategy while consulting with a company entrusted with the production of LINE stamps, not only those who are active in the company relationship, but also those who are active in the individual seem to have sold 100 million people, so if you ask if there is anything duplicate by bringing in the ideas you have, is not it possible to move forward?By the way, even if you fail the examination, it seems to have a money back guarantee, so you have a fairly strong confidence.

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One trick to earn with LINE stickers

How to start an affiliate

What is an affiliate?

Affiliate is a system in which a performance reward is generated when an advertisement of the product you want to introduce is posted on the site made by oneself and it leads to the purchase of the product through there.

The conditions under which the reward occurs are "purchase of goods", "request for materials of goods", "member registration", "click advertising", etc.

The following is an example of an advertisement

(1) Affiliate for smartphones A8.net (2) Official page of A
8.net (3) Affiliate [A8.net]





(7) E-mail material

If A8.net!

◇ You can easily advertise from your smartphone or PC

Of course, membership registration is free.There is no cost after that!

◇ You can use the self-back that you can purchase the product you want at a reasonable price

◇ Posted an advertisement that can receive a high reward from a famous brand

If you want to start an affiliate, A8.n
et (Ahachinet) first register → https://px.a8.net/svt/ejp?a8mat=3BFRES+33XIIA+0K+10E87N

There are various types of advertisements in this way, and the above design is only one part.

As of June 15, 2020, there are 251 patterns of advertising designs.By the way, if you register to A8.net from the above advertisement, 500 yen will be paid as a reward to the introducer per case.

This is the performance reward.

A mysterious system that no one loses

Affiliate Advertiser/ASP (Affilate Service Provider) Consumers

benefits for each of the

Benefits of Affiliate

They do not matter where they are

Low initial cost

You can handle more than one product at a time.

I don't have any stock.

Advertiser Benefits

Reduce costs because advertising costs are incurred according to the products sold

Easy to understand sales routes and easy to narrow down targets

Benefits of ASP (Affilate Service Provider)

Brokerage fees for sold-selling amounts are incurred.

Your company's reputation goes up

Benefits for consumers

Cheaper than direct dealings with regular advertisers and comes with a decent amount of added value

It is possible to purchase after examining the impression of the raw who actually used the product you want

and so on.

Launch your own blog

The order is OK either as the registration of ASP (Affilate Service Provider) (in the case of A8 net)

Details are explained in the following article

How to create WordPress

I registered on A8 net first and started WordPress with self-back, so that the reward comes in to me!

Many ASP (Affilate Service Provider) reports the URL of their blog (site), after passing the review, but it becomes a contract, only A8 net can be contracted even if you do not have your own blog (site).

This is because there is a blog site FANBLOG operated by A8 net, but in fact, there is almost no thing to be seen from the outside.I can not say in a loud voice … by the way, I have not seen the article that is in the top search in FANBLOG.

To put it simply, most people who come to see the blog rarely are those who are registered on the A8 net, that is, only those who are beginners.

The first action a novice affiliate should take is self-back.

In other words, you can buy WordPress in self-back, and you can get a reward.


Thank you for reading to the end without leaving the middle, thank you!

I sincerely hope for your success.

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Affiliate A8.net for smartphones and PCs

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【Recruitment of technical staff】 A8.net

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