Smartphone Sideline PoiKatsu Poipuru Amefri  

スマホ副業 アンケートモニター

Pocket money earner of the topic as a smartphone side job

Point Site Poipu and

How to earn Poipuru is as follows to briefly state

Log in every day to earn points

Play games every day to earn points

Use the service to earn points

Install the app and earn points

Earn points with the friend referral system

Exchange rate is 10 points = 1 yen

Partners who can exchange accumulated points are widely supported as follows

In addition to cash, there are many exchange destinations!

How to exchange cash

Redeem points for RealPay money

Choose Seven Bank (ATM receipt)

receive at a convenience store

That's three steps.

Friend referral system to be worried about

When you introduce Poipuru to a friend and a friend joins, there is an introduction bonus that both the introducer and the friend get 1,000 points.

Image 5

Early Win Four-Tier System

A friend introduces another friend, and some of the points earned by that friend are returned to the first referral.

It seems to be better to invite from a friend with a wide friendship.

Image 13

Note: About "Tier"

Tia is a "hierarchy", and it is a system in which points of four levels of points are entered by the introducer to the points earned by the friend (2 tiers) introduced by you, the friend (3 tiers), and the points earned by the friend (4 tiers).

The point to be returned changes greatly by how it is possible to introduce a friend with a wide friendship first.

How to register is easy and free

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It also supports SNS and free mail, so you can easily register

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"Amefri" that can be started using the skima time of 5 minutes a day

How to earn "Amefri" will be as follows to briefly state

Log in every day to earn points

Sign up for 1,000 points

Earn points with a free Gacha once a day

Earn points with games and survey responses

Install the app and earn points

Buy products and services to earn points

Earn points with friend referral bonus

There are many ways to earn points.

In addition to purchasing products and services via advertising, Amefri offers a variety of ways to earn points.

You can earn daily daily points for free with login bonuses and Gacha, and you'll earn 1 point per day and 100 points for every 30 times.Free Gacha once a day may win up to 100 points

I think that the download of the app and the questionnaire answer are good for the person who wants to increase it steadily in the gap time.

You can earn points just by downloading the smartphone app, there is also a limited number of app deals

It is possible to increase the number of points even by opening a bank account or issuing a credit card, and since there are many credit card cases exceeding 10,000 points, there is a possibility that you will receive up to the exchangeable amount in no time.

Earn points by registering your profile

In Amefri, you can earn 1,000 points just by registering your profile, and the number of points you can get for each item is set, and if you fill it all, it reaches 1,000 points.

From basic items such as gender, date of birth, and prefecture, to items that select the field you are interested in and the shops you usually use in the check box, various items are available

Information other than nicknames is not disclosed You don't have to enter your real name or detailed address, so you can work on your registration with confidence.

It is also a feature of Amefri that it is easy to accumulate points if you finish a simple phone authentication

By the way, it is better to have the telephone authentication at the time of registration.

Point bonus in rank system

Amefri has introduced a "rank system" in which bonuses are awarded to regular points earned simply by working on many projects and earning prescribed points.

The rank at the start is "raccoon dog" with a bonus of 0%

If you earn between 500 and 4,999 points in the last two months, you will be ranked up to a raccoon with a bonus of 1%

In each condition clear, it rises with "Lesser Panda", "Panda" and "Grizzly", and the bonus of the highest rank "Polar Bear" is 5%.

The top three-ranked conditions require you to work on a project on each of the shopping services, apps, and official websites.As you rank up, the conditions become more severe, but bonus points of up to 5% are attractive.

Exchange rate is 10 points = 1 yen

Free of charge from a minimum of 400 yen

Amefri's point exchange rate is equivalent to 10 points = 1 yen.

There is no fee when exchanging

 The minimum exchange amount is set to 400 yen, so you can exchange it if you earn 4000 points.

If you want to exchange, click the "Cash Request" tag at the top of "My Page".In that case, you will be asked to enter a password and other information to verify your identity.

When you proceed to the form, select "Cash method" and "Number of points to cash", and press the submit button on the next confirmation screen to complete, you can select the gift code and other companies' points that can be exchanged for the holding point.

Partners who can exchange accumulated points are widely supported as follows

The flow of point exchange

Earned points can be exchanged for cash, gift certificates, miles, and more.Earn more points and change it into a way that's easy for you to use

Get 1,000 points with friend referral bonus

The flow of the friend introduction

Down reward with bonuses depending on the number of points earned by a friend

When a friend is approved for an ad, the referral will also receive bonus points depending on the number of points earned by the friend.

The amount of advertising used from the time a friend completes registration will be eligible for down rewards.To award a down reward to the introducer, when a friend meets "Phone Authentication Complete + Point Exchange Request Completed", the introducer will also receive a down reward bonus.

Things to watch out for for missing acquisitions

The absolute condition to earn points reliably by using advertising is that it is firmly reflected in the system that you went through the site of Amefri, and it is necessary to enable the "cookie" of the browser in advance and then go to each site via Amefri.

If you move to another site before you complete your application or purchase, you won't get any points.Even if you return to the top of the site in Amefri, there is a possibility that you will not get points, from the issue page in Amefri, it is safe not to move to the condition completion

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